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We recyle and reuse to avoid landfill. We donate a lot of furniture and bric-a-brac to charity and also community groups dealing with people on very low incomes.

Whatever your opinion on global warming and climate change, even the most sceptical person will agree that recycling has got to be a good thing. As parents and grandparents, we consider the reuse and recycling of items that we collect is a small but important contribution to conserving the planet's natural resources. Of course, the huge landfill taxes imposed by the Government also help our business decision to have green credentials. In the house clearance and rubbish clearance business, it really does pay to be green!

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Whilst we aim to recycle as much as possible, inevitably a certain amount of waste will always end up in landfill. We are proud that on average, 85% of what we clear from our customers will end up either being re-used or recycled. On some jobs that we carry out, we manage to literally recycle everything collected.
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When we carry out a house or office clearance, we take everything collected back to our premises to sort through and sift. Much of the furniture that we have removed tends to be 'relatively modern' and from the past 50 years or so. Sometimes in need of minor repair and with very little resale value, we donate much of it to charity and organisations dealing with people on very low incomes.

Whilst very sad to see the furniture get taken away it makes it easier to know that it will still be used by someone and maybe benefit a local charity.
Richard T, Cinderford

We will always ensure that the British Heart Foundation and cancer charities are particularly well-supported, but please let us know if there is a cause you would like to help by making a donation of furniture and bric-a-brac.

Office furniture is regularly donated to local community groups or sold at very low cost to new-start businesses.

Waste timber and wood, often taken from modern MFI or Ikea type furniture, is either recycled by turning it into wood pellets or firewood, or donated to a local community project. Green waste is composted and mixed with collected earth to produce nutrient-rich soils.

Bricks, tiles, porcelain, toilets, pedestal basins, and rubble are screened, processed, crushed and turned into hardcore.

Old cookers, appliances and scrap metal will be sorted and recycled.

Children toys and children's clothes are sorted into different grades and if we can, donated to low income families or family orientated charities and family groups.

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