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We can offer a helping hand to remove unwanted clutter from your home which will be useful if you are downsizing or selling your property.

We are often called-in to lend a helping hand to customers wishing to declutter their home following a major change in their circumstances such as moving house, divorce, or maybe a family bereavement. Other customers might be moving into sheltered housing or a nursing home and cannot take all of their belongings and personal effects with them.

Other clients have just decided that they have accumulated too much 'stuff' and want to have a big clear-out. If you have kitchen cupboards, wardrobes, or even rooms, that contain things you just don't ever use, then maybe you could consider using our clearance service. The items removed will be reused and recycled whenever possible.

Empty sitting room and armchair
If you are going to be selling your property, it could be that by taking out certain items of furniture and removing the clutter, your home will appear more spacious and attractive to potential purchasers. If you don't want us to dispose of certain items we can remove whatever you request to secure and dehumidified storage facilities.
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If the idea of getting rid of certain items of furniture or clutter sounds like a good idea but you are worried that you might regret the decision in a month or so, we can help by moving the items into dehumidified and secure storage for as long as you need. Once you are happy, we can dispose of the items for you. Alternatively, if you come to regret the decision, we can arrange to bring the items (or some of the items) back to your home.

As Gloucestershire experts in clutter clearance, we have previously been asked to clear a hoarded house which contained many, many years of accumulated possessions and general household items. The occupant had thrown hardly anything away over the previous ten years, and we really do mean anything! This type of compulsive hoarding is often the result of obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). This particular clearance was one of the largest we have undertaken.

I just wanted to let you know that the estate agent couldn't believe the difference. Now the flat is clutter free, it looks more spacious and saleable. Thank you for a good job.
Mrs. Tillot, Gloucester

Whatever your reason for looking into using our decluttering services, there are few things more liberating than removing unwanted and unused items from the home. Customers often tell us that whilst they didn't actually feel their home was that cluttered, they immediately noticed the difference and felt the benefit afterwards.

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