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We offer fast priority support to landlords and letting agents who need to get items removed from their properties throughout Gloucestershire.

Usually available to start a clearance at very short notice, County Clearance are often contacted by landlords and letting agents who require items to be removed from rented properties. Having rented out properties in Gloucestershire ourselves, we understand that presentation of a rental property is key to a prompt re-let and that a void period is to be avoided at all costs.

Rubbish and debris
If you have been 'left' with items by a tenant and you are not sure whether you can legally dispose of them, we can hold them in secure and dehumidified storage for you whilst you either try to contact the tenant or place a notice on the door of the property telling them where the contents can be obtained from.
Please telephone us anytime, seven days a week, on (01452) 452015 for expert advice.

If you are a tenant and due to vacate a property, you might have surplus items that you do not wish to take with you. This is a common scenario with tenants who are due to move either overseas or to a different part of the UK with work, and do not have time to dispose of their belonging themselves. We would be delighted to help and we can help even if it is just a few items you need to clear.

I am impressed by your speedy response to my call asking for assistance. The new tenant wouldn't have moved in if the old furniture had still been there.
Susan B, Gloucester

Other property related scenarios that we can help you with include the common occurence of purchasing a new property to let-out, but the previous owner 'helpfully' leaves you with furniture and possessions that you weren't expecting. If this has happened to you please get in touch with us and we will make it a priority to get everything taken away.

With very few exceptions, we can take away most items that are commonly left in a property including old furniture, appliances, ornaments and clothes. Unlike many local clearance firms, we are even able to take fridges, freezers and televisions which will be disposed of responsibly.

We will sort through everything that needs to be removed and where possible, we will either reuse or recycle as much as possible. We donate many items to charity, with the British Heart Foundation and cancer charities being our personal favourites. If you would like us to donate to a charity that is important to you, please let us know and we will do our best to take the items to their nearest charity shop or collection point.

You can call us anytime, seven days a week, on (01452) 452015 for expert advice and a no-obligation quotation.

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